How Online Slot Games Work

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Slot games are very popular among many lovers of games of fortune, as well as among many casino visitors. Since today they can be played not only casinos, but also on the Internet and on smartphones, you have probably already encountered this type of game. Online and mobile slot games, unlike those in real casinos, offer the possibility of playing without investing real money, but rather just for fun. This is the reason why there are many of people who have tried playing slots for one reason or another. All that they can see are the reels spinning and the symbols taking a certain position. But how do mobile pokies games actually work?

20130306_065602_ssjm0307gaming90_300No matter if it is a simple, classic-looking game with three reels and fruit symbols, or a complex game crammed with buttons, images and sounds, the principle is always the same. All of the online slot games are based on something that is called the random number generator (RNG). This is a device that generates thousands of numbers every second, and the moment you click the play button on slots game, the number has already been generated and the reels you see tuning are there just for fun. Believe it or not, the land-based slot machines also function this way, the number is determined the moment you press the button, and the reels are spinning only in order to raise the anticipation. The random number generator really offers completely random numbers, and therefore chances of winning the jackpot are always exactly the same.

jhBefore spinning the reels, you will place your bets and choose the number of paylines to play. Your odds depend on the number of paylines and reels of the virtual machine. Random numbers are chosen by the RNG the moment the reels are spun, and they are divided by certain values. Then the numbers created this way are related to different reels and they determine which symbol will stop where once the reels stop spinning.

As with the land-based slot machines, everything is completely independent and not related to any previous or any following spin, and the RNG makes this possible. There is no way to predict which set of symbols is going to be chosen or when the player will hit the jackpot. Do not believe the common misconception that the more you play, the bigger are the chances of winning the jackpot. Once again, the choice of number is completely random and every spin works for itself. The chance of winning small prizes or bonuses will always be higher than the one of winning the main prize, but that is pure logic and statistics and has nothing to do with the system that governs online slots.

If you decide to play online slot games it is important to keep these things in mind. It is impossible to cheat the system, to predict the outcome of any game or to increase your chances of winning the main prize. Don’t let the common misconceptions deceive you, but chose to trust your common sesnse, your luck, and of course – the RNG system.