Google Penguin is now part of the algorithm and in real time

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The news had been circulating for a few weeks now and many SEO’s had seen signs of this change to the Google algorithm, but today the news is official: Penguin becomes part of the real-time signals that influence the positioning of a website.

Although George Muller, Google’s search engineer, in an official Hangout had explained how updating the SERPs and the related fluctuations in the queries were not due to Penguin, today with the news on the blog for Google’s webmasters we come to know all the contrary.

Apart from the words of Muller, the new official news is that, after a break-in period in which we saw decisive changes in SERP, the algorithm for the analysis of spam results (incoming links, keyword stuffing and the like) is entered to be part of the 200 or more signals that influence the decree in the SERP of a URL for certain queries.

What is Google Penguin?
As you can read, from an article dedicated to Penguin , this algorithm analyzes how much and which spam techniques a website uses and, depending on their quality, modifies more or less heavily the positioning of the relative results in the different SERPs .

In particular, if a site has a large number of links considered artificial, spam , low quality , or even worse organized in incoming link schemes, it is possible to see a decided decrease in positions related to some queries, with some serious cases of disappearance complete from the results page. The same goes for all the other techniques which, although once fruitful, today penalize a website as they are considered spam : hidden text, cloacking and keyword stuffing are some of these.

The latest Penguin update was dated 2014, with Penguin 3.0, so for this big new update some SEOs talk about Google Penguin 4.0 .

What changes following this change in the algorithm
Although it was already necessary to pay close attention to the way in which link building activities were carried out for off-site SEO, today it is necessary to stay alert when acquiring hypertext links entering your domain.

But let’s see in detail what changes have been made by the entry of Penguin among the signals of Google’s positioning algorithm.


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