SEO audit: automate the control of the title tag

On the occasion of the birthday of (5 years of online presence acquired domain 14 october 2013 but site rose over months later, almost 130 thousand users in the last year as an organic) I decided to make a gift to this domain. So like any birthday present I go to pack not a really necessary good (like a complete SEO audit to fix the total confusion of this portal) but anyway a content that I hope is of value, explaining the method I have defined over the years to automate the as much as possible an item of the 117 factors I analyze in the Audit phase.

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Objective analysis
The Audit is the most important action that an SEO consultant must perform when he takes charge of an online domain for some time and he knows nothing about it .

Without a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses to be corrected, the optimization work to follow will not be organized, it will take more time than it needs, it will not be possible to estimate the operator time to invest in this activity, etc. etc.

For this reason, as every colleague of mine has done (I guess), I made a checklist of the factors to check. To do this, I started from the excellent file of Giovanni Sacheli, to whom I added other analysis factors over time, including an entire card for local SEO if an audit is needed to do so.

As you can imagine in the checklist there is an entry related to the analysis of the tag present in the <head> field of the code. I don’t call it a meta tag because for me the meta tags are those defined by the tag <meta> .</p> <p>If for a site with a handful of URLs the analysis can be carried out manually, when the URLs are more than 50 it starts to become problematic to invest time in this sense and for this reason it is convenient to standardize the method, in order to use it (more or not) the same time each time. Maybe the first time you define this method it will take you very long, but it will be saved in the future.</p> <p>Warning! The analysis of the content of the <title> tag can only be partially automated, clearly an accurate analysis of how much it affects the CTR and its relevance to the strategy linked to your query research requires actions that can be automated but which we will not see, if not in part, in this article.</p> <p>In detail, therefore, the objectives I set for myself to reach are:</p> <p>control of the presence of the tag (ok, you say, but sometimes it happens that it is not defined)<br /> size of the content of the tag (if too short it makes you lose opportunities, too long is truncated and for this could limit its action)<br /> presence of all uppercase text</p>


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